It can be very distressing if you have been accused of something.  

It’s important to be aware that the University will not make assumptions and will not consider a person ‘guilty’ until an accusation has been investigated and an allegation found proven.  All those involved in a formal complaint will be treated fairly and offered equal advice and support.  

What happens when someone submits a formal complaint about me?  

When a formal complaint is made about a student or staff member, there are formal procedures that will be followed, that are outlined in the university's policies. 

If you are a student and someone has submitted a formal complaint in relation to you, you will receive a formal Notice of Investigation letter outlining the allegation(s) being investigated. This letter will be delivered by a Student Liaison Officer, who will be personally assigned to support you throughout the formal discipline process.  

This is a formal process, and the allegation(s) will be formally investigated under Regulation 23 on Student Disciplinary Offences:  

It is important to note that when issued with a Notice of Investigation, it is still an investigation and no allegations have been found proven. 

Student Discipline processes are not legal processes, allegations are investigated under the university's regulations and policies. 

It is very important to read any documents sent to you carefully, and if you have any questions, please contact your assigned Student Liaison Officer.  

As the responding party to a formal allegation, you will automatically be assigned a Student Liaison Officer to support you. Nevertheless, you are entitled to access independent support from the Students' Union Advice Centre, legal advice or support from friends and family if you wish. 

Your Student Liaison Officer will be able to answer any questions you may have about the process and will also support you with your wellbeing and academic work affected by the case.  

Someone has said that they've 'reported' me, but no one from the university has been in touch. Have I actually been reported? 

Submitting a form via the Report and Support platform does not automatically trigger a formal complaints process, therefore if someone has disclosed 'Anonymously' or has chosen to 'Speak to an Advisor' this would not automatically mean that a student discipline process has commenced. 

If a formal complaint against a student or staff member is made, the responding party will be personally contacted to inform them of the allegations via a Notice of Investigation and given an opportunity to respond throughout an investigation. 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened