If you believe that you have had your drink spiked, please access this page for more information on what to do next. 
All University of Warwick students and staff should follow the University’s Covid Community Responsibilities at all times, in order to ensure the safety of the Warwick community. 

Report and Support is not a tool for reporting breeches of this Covid Community Responsibilities.

The Covid Community Responsibilities or COVID-19 Government guidance should not prevent you from reporting or disclosing any form of bullying and harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct or hate crime.

If something has happened to you or someone else, and you would like to make a submission to Report and Support in order to access direct support, please do. 

If you submit a report, which admits that you or someone else has broken the Covid Community Responsibilities or Government guidance: 

  • Support options will remain the same, and no one will be ‘judged’, ‘punished’ or ‘dismissed,’ for having broken the Covid Community Responsibilities. 
  • A breech of the  Covid Community Responsibilities in relation to the report, will not be investigated. 
  • A breech of this  Covid Community Responsibilities cannot be used as additional evidence against yourself or others. 
  • Your report will remain confidential and not trigger a formal complaints process. 
  • No one else will be informed of anyone’s breech of the  Covid Community Responsibilities. Not departments, personal tutors, line managers, colleagues or friends etc. 

If someone is using the  Covid Community Responsibilities to threaten or blackmail you in a bid to stop you from reporting bullying and harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct or hate crime, that is not okay. 

Reporting issues such as these and ensuring students and staff have access to support is our priority. 

Please don’t let concerns about the  Covid Community Responsibilities or Government guidance prevent you from disclosing through Report and Support. 


There are two ways you can tell us what happened