Anonymous reports cannot lead to direct formal action being taken.  
This is because we are not able to start a formal investigation process without a reporter submitting a formal complaint. Without a named reporting party, the alleged responding party may be unable to answer investigative questions if they do not know who the complaint is in relation to or who has reported them.  
It also limits investigations, as the investigating officer will only have one anonymous disclosure to base an entire investigation from and cannot gather potentially important further details from a reporter if they are required.  
Nevertheless, indirect action can be taken on the back of anonymous reports. This can take the form of training sessions being delivered by the Report and Support team to particular sports clubs, societies and departments that are displaying behaviours that breach the university’s regulations.  
If you would like direct formal action to be taken by the university, please submit a ‘Speak to an Advisor’ form, or else we are limited in our response.  

There are two ways you can tell us what happened