It's completely up to you whether or not to report to the police. No one else can or should make that choice for you.

If you’re not sure yet whether you want to report to the police but think you might at some point, you can have a forensic medical examination at your nearest Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC). Here, forensic evidence can be stored for future.

Here is a short video outlining the support available at a Sexual Assault Referral Centre.

Below is a more detailed animation on what will happen when you visit a SARC and the support/ services available:
SARCs Services Animation.mp4 325.88 MB
If you do want forensic evidence to be collected, try and go to the SARC or police as soon as you can, and within 72 hours if possible. 

If you have you been raped, sexually assaulted or sexually abused recently, and you would like forensic evidence to be collected. Try not to: 
  • eat or drink
  • smoke
  • wash
  • brush your teeth
  • change your clothes
  • clean up the place where it happened
This is to preserve as much evidence as possible. 

If you have already done some of these things, don't worry. There might still be forensic evidence to collect.

If you do decide to change your clothes, put the ones you were wearing in a clean plastic bag without washing them if you can.

The Blue Sky Centre is the closest SARC to the University of Warwick.

If you are not on campus or in the surrounding area,
use this tool, to find your nearest SARC. 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened