If you are not in immediate danger, currently feel safe from harm and do not need to report an emergency - then speaking to someone about your options is a great place to start. 

University Support:

  • Report and Support: If you submit a report with details, a specially trained Liaison Officer will be in touch within 2 University Working Days. Your disclosure will not trigger a formal complaints process, and the Liaison Officer can confidentially speak to you about both your reporting and support options. You will never be forced to submit a report to the police, a Formal Complaint to the University or a Grievance to HR- as this is your choice. 
  • Sexual and Domestic Violence Advisor:  The University's SDVA is a member of the Wellbeing Team and is available to support students who have been affected by sexual violence and relationship abuse. The SDVA is available to provide confidential emotional support. 

External Support:

There are two ways you can tell us what happened