The Report and Support Team are running a series of workshops to mark national Sexual Abuse and Violence Awareness Week 2023. We have focused on one theme a day throughout the week, in a bid to raise awareness around these topics, generate discussion among our community, and break down the silence and stigma that often surrounds sexual abuse and sexual violence, with the ultimate aim for survivors to feel empowered to disclose their experiences and access support.


Consent 101, 16.00-17.00,- COMPLETE
40 minutes interactive workshop, that allows individuals to get involved anonymously through their phones, talking all things consent. Addressing topics such as bodily autonomy, freedom and capacity to consent in both sexual and non-sexual scenarios. Consent plays a key role in all areas of life, so come along to learn more about both your rights but also responsibilities.

Tuesday 7th February, 2023: 'PREVENTION AND ACTIVISM'

Active Bystander Intervention Course - Term 2
Don't miss the opportunity to enrol on the Active Bystander Intervention Course in Term 2, just follow the link above to reserve your spot on the course that covers the following: 
  • What our community values look like in practice, and spotting the signs of unacceptable behaviours like bullying and domestic violence.
  • How we identify and interpret behaviour as unacceptable, and why people may fail to.
  • Our role in building a community that embodies our values, shifting problematic beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours through safe and effective interventions as an active bystander.
  • The barriers to becoming an active bystander, and how we can overcome them.
  • Effective intervention strategies for a wide range of scenarios, including sexual violence, harassment, and hate.
 For more info, click here.


It's Not Just Flirting, Recognising Sexual Harassment, 16.30-17.00- COMPLETE

In this mini awareness session we will be chatting all things flirting, and how this differentiates from sexual harassment. Providing a mental check list of questions to check in with yourself if there's ever any doubt about whether someone is actually sexually harassing you, and ensuring no one feels the need to excuse someone's inappropriate behaviour as 'just flirting.'


Supporting Survivors, 13.00-14.00,- COMPLETE
40 minutes presentation, with a chance for scenario-based discussions, led by the Report and Support Liaison Officers and the Sexual Domestic Abuse Advisor, focusing on how to safely receive, signpost and support survivors of sexual abuse and violence. Providing options, choice and allowing a survivor to remain in control of what happens next is vital in these scenarios. Come along to the session to find out how to do this safely.


Sexting Safely, 13.00-13.30, - COMPLETE

In this quick awareness session, we discuss all things sexting and consent, as well as how to engage in sexting safely, with some practical tips.
Chemsex, How to Play Safe, 15.00-15.30, Join Live Event
In this short sharp awareness session, learn about what chemsex is, why people may engage in chemsex, its potential impacts on consent and how to help keep yourself and others safe if you do choose to engage in chemsex. 


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